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NO7 - Aug 1, 2021cover-image

Screw users! The stakeholder is always right!

A story about guerrilla usability testing, melting chocolate, a satanic cult, and stakeholders always being right.

Bojan Joncic · 5 min read
NO6 - Jul 18, 2021cover-image

The first time I worked with an owner of a multi-million dollar business

Can it be that these people are just as clueless as I am?

Bojan Joncic · 4 min read
NO5 - Jul 5, 2021cover-image

The insane amounts of cash I was earning at the start of my design career

Make it rain, make it rain!

Bojan Joncic · 5 min read
NO4 - Jun 20, 2021cover-image

The look in my CEO’s eyes that turned me from an imposter into an honest man

How finding the right mentor, at the right moment can flip your entire career on its head.

David Richard Cibis · 5 min read
NO3 - Jun 6, 2021cover-image

How one late night at the office made me quit the job I loved

Crossing the boundaries of what I consider an appropriate workplace interaction

Marta Krstic · 6 min read
NO2 - May 23, 2021cover-image

When nature calls in the middle of your design review call

A real life thriller. When the nature calls in the middle of your video call, will you make the right call?

Ivan Perovic · 4 min read
NO1 - May 3, 2021cover-image

That one time when a client accidentally gave me an insight into his sex life

A true story about accidental Zoom-Booming, from way before the Zoom Boom.

Bojan Joncic · 4 min read